The Best Inada Massage Chairs

best inada massage chairs

The massage chair industry is ablaze, with demand for massagers for home use growing by the day. Gone are the days when massage chairs could only be spotted in classy offices and wellness centers. As awareness surrounding personal health and wellness has advanced, so has the need to embrace wellness products that promote good health practices conveniently and affordably. Among these, massage chairs have received a huge nod of approval. First time users can have a rough time deciding from the many brands and even no-name brands of chairs bombarding them all sides. The only sure way to end up with a quality massage chair is to pick a known brand. Like Inada. Any serious dealer will be knowledgeable about the best Inada massage chairs and can help you pick a good model. Inada uses authorized dealers who will be happy to point out each chair’s strong points, and even do a product demonstration for you.

The top Japanese brand is a respected name in the industry, having established its presence with the first massage chair in 1962. Since then, the company has gone ahead to win multiple awards for its innovative chairs, designs and cutting edge technology. Best Inada massage chairs offer comfort, reliability and value for money. They are the product of sound engineering, expert design and wide consultations with massage and health experts to ensure that only the finest quality of product is achieved. They may command a higher asking price than many other brands, but that’s because they deliver what the manufacturer purports to be giving you.

Technology is the first thing that differentiates the best massage chairs from lower quality massagers. Inada continuously improves its existing technologies to go with the changing times and are always on the hunt for new technologies and innovations. As a result, they often set the industry standards in all calibers. Their technologies are engineered to offer the best version of the envisioned massage experience. That’s why they’ve installed body scanning technology in all their massage chairs. Not two human bodies are the same. Inada massage chairs know this truth. They will scan and map out your body to understand your body type. They then readjust their systems and rollers to give a massage that is customized for your body.

By using adjustable neck support, shoulder stabilizers and other seemingly minor but crucial features, Inada’s best massage chairs ensure your utmost comfort throughout the massage. They take it a step further by making each of their chairs highly customizable. The chair settings provide a broad range of speed, intensity, height and massage type options which you can easily change using the intuitive remote control. If you’ve sampled other massage chairs, you’ll quickly notice how different an Inada massage chair feels as soon as you sit on it. This feeling extends to the chair’s actual operation where multiple massage mechanisms are programmed to run concurrently in a seamless operation. Inada uses a mixture of air cells, 3D rollers and heat mechanisms for this.

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