The Famous Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Inada Sogno

The Inada Sogno massage chair was designed to offer maximum health benefits. One of the most remarkable things about the Sogno is how it gently delivers its massage programs and enhances natural healing through numerous therapeutic techniques. When Inada set out to develop the Sogno, they walked a path never before taken by any rival massage chair manufacturers. Their goal was to come up with a chair that could provide all the benefits of a human massage and throw in a few extra pluses no masseur can give. That meant working on the concept and design of the Sogno for eight long years. Many would have given up. After all, why invest eight years’ worth of resources when a shorter production period would bring in the profits faster? But not Inada. They were on a mission to revolutionize the massage chair industry and they were unstoppable. The Sogno was finally unveiled and went ahead to bag a number of awards. The hard work had paid off.

Today, the Inada Sogno massage chair is as glorious as it was when it first left the production lines. Stylish, majestic and sleek in a contemporary way, it makes a great focal point in any room. Most people place it in a conspicuous spot in large family rooms. Others want to experience its healing ability in the sanctity of their bedrooms. You will also find it in many health-conscious offices. Employers are investing in quality massage chairs as a way of boosting employee health. It’s a growing trend and it’s working like a charm. But what is it about the Inada Sogno that makes this chair so popular? A little whisper has it that it has the canny knack to make owners attached o it. So, if you end up with one you might not want to get rid of it anytime soon. Or ever.

The power behind the Sogno’s powerful massages is a combo mechanism that utilizes ultra modern massage rollers and inflatable air cells. Using these, the chair delivers a customizable shiatsu massage with special emphasis on the neck, lower back and thigh region. A highly mechanized shoulder massage system massages the back of the neck and top of the shoulders using gentle neck traction. The air system uses gentle stimulation and compression of the calves to massage the leg and foot area. The forearms, upper arms and hands get an invigorating workout, thanks to a full-arm massaging unit powered by 20 air cells.

Inada offers four main massage modes of Sogno: Night, Morning, Stretch and Sogno. Each delivers a certain intensity of massage, producing particular sensations. Use these to customize your massage to get the results you want. You can also change the speed and intensity of your massage using the controls and remote control available with the chair. When you’re too tired to choose and mix massage combinations into a personalized program, choose from the eight preprogrammed sessions available and enjoy the most rejuvenating treatment you can get from a non-human.

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