Make Your Bedroom Beautiful

A sleigh bed is not just for sleeping, but it also adds style and luxury to your surroundings. A sleigh bed will become the focal point of your room and give it a new and snappy look. The good thing about these beds is that they look perfect in any setting; be it contemporary or traditional. So if you are thinking to update your bedroom furniture, put a sleigh bed to make it look elegant and executive. There are many bed styles available on the market from cottage or vintage to contemporary and French style; you will find many varieties.

What is a sleigh bed?
A sleigh bed resembles a sleigh with curved foot and headboard. The signature style of these beds is a footboard and headboard that create a stylish and luxury silhouette. These beds are larger than normal beds and are more expensive too. They come in a variety of colours, materials, designs, and shapes, thus it is important to consider many factors before buying one. A sleigh bed is also available in different frames such as king, queen, twin, and California. You have options of choosing between dark woods and light woods to match the style and décor of your room.
What to consider before buying a sleigh bed?

A nicely designed sleigh bed can perform better and last longer than a poorly designed and cheap one. Before the purchase of a sleigh bed, the first factor to look for is the size of the bed. You should already have planned where you are going to put the bed and the dimensions of the available space for the bed. Make sure that there is enough space in the room because a sleigh bed can turn out to be larger than your speculations. Thus, always take the measurements including the footboard and headboard to make sure the bed will fit into your measured area.

Another thing to consider is the budget. You should know that buying a sleigh bed can cost you a lot because there are additional costs such as the mattress, pillows, side tables, box springs, and other add-ons. You should make sure that the sleigh bed goes well with the home décor. It is hard to manage to buy a sleigh bed if you are on a tight budget.

Design & style:
Before the purchase of a sleigh bed, you must ask many questions from the vendor such as what is the bed made of? Is it a good quality item? If you are buying online, look at the photographs accurately and ensure that the frame of the bed is sturdy and well-made. Ask the vendor whether the product is in the same excellent condition as it is mentioned on the site. When thinking about sleigh beds, the first thing that comes to mind is a wooden one, but these beds are more than just that. There is a broad range of different designs and styles of sleigh beds, and you must find the one that suits your taste and needs. Designs on wooden sleigh beds include ornamental carvings, bronze railing, and other intricate details such as painted headboards.

Most of the sleigh beds are made up of wood, but there are other materials used for these beds too. You should choose the material that is right for you and complements your room décor. These beds are built to last long and thus no matter what the material is; they should be robust enough. Following are some of the types according to the material used:

Wood: Wooden sleigh beds are the most common and most demanded ones. In wood material, there are further much more types of beds available. There are beds made up of oak, pine, walnut, birch, cherry, mahogany, maple, cedar, teak, and ebony woods. The softwoods are less expensive than the hardwoods because they are easier to be carved and designed. Hardwoods are more durable and sturdy and are highly valued ones when it comes to furniture making.

Iron: Iron sleigh beds have a simple looking frame. Most of the time these beds are made up of wood and metal both. Iron sleigh beds cost more than the wooden beds because of the metal price. A sleigh bed made of iron has lots of scrollwork and is considered timeless. Iron sleigh beds are not very attractive because most of the furniture is not made up of iron; moreover, putting an iron bed with wooden furniture pieces will not be suitable.

Upholstery: These sleigh beds are made up of wood but have upholstered fabric on the headboard. The fabric used for upholstery may be of leather, cotton, suede, or microfibre. A tufted sleigh bed adds a modern touch to the room and makes the bed look more cozy and comfortable. Upholstered padding is nowadays very popular among furniture makers, and you will find it in different furniture items such as side tables, sofas, and chairs. Make sure that the tufted fabric is resistant to stains and is long-lasting.

Construction techniques:
The type of construction style used for making a sleigh bed will show how durable it is. The joints of the bed should be mortise-and-tenon or dowel because other types of joints such as mitre and butter joints are not suitable for these beds. It is better if the bed has heavy-duty angle irons used for its side rails and wooden slats for centre support. It should be stable enough and should not shake quickly. A bed frame with a mesh or slatted base allows air to flow through the mattress and thus creates a ventilated atmosphere. The ventilation feature is suitable for people with breathing problems.

Types of sleigh beds:
There are a variety of sleigh beds depending on various factors such as your purpose and preference. The types of sleigh beds also depend upon the person who is going to use it. For example, children’s bed and adult’s one are different from each other. Following are some main categories of sleigh beds:

Children’s sleigh beds:
Sleigh beds are very famous among children’s beds because of their unique and stylish design. They are also available as twin beds for toddlers. There are many big companies that manufacture these beds, particularly for kids. The children’s sleigh beds are mostly made up of wood, and are simple with natural wood or light colours such as pink, white, and blue. Kid’s sleigh beds may or may not contain a trundle. A sleigh bed can become a fashionable addition to your child’s room. If you want to make the sleigh bed more comfy and secure, you can add a tufted or upholstered headboard.

Storage sleigh beds:
There are many types of storage sleigh beds on the market. Some beds contain a pull-out drawer that may be present at the foot of the bed or underneath it. A trundle sleigh bed is another option for storing things. This type of sleigh bed contains a pull-out trundle under the bed to put things for storing purposes. For people who need extra storage, this bed can be a perfect one; particularly for kids who need a lot of storage space for putting toys and clothes.

Vintage sleigh beds:
If you love vintage furniture, then worry not because sleigh beds are also available in old designs. The vintage sleigh beds are mostly made up of wood and are quite durable. They are very affordable and are an excellent choice for those who are looking for sleigh beds and are on a tight budget too.

Low-slung sleigh beds:
These types of sleigh beds do not have a footboard and are inspired by Scandinavian minimalism style of design. The curves are transformed into straight lines and are blended to give a contemporary look. Low-slung sleigh beds look very classy and cozy and can be a beautiful addition to your room.

Modern sleigh beds:
The modern sleigh beds feature amazing fabric detailing and magnificent colours that give these beds a modern look. The modern beds are made up of luxurious and fancy fabric such as velvet feather that adds beauty and charm to the room and gives an overall modern touch to the room décor. Some sleigh beds are made up of dark woods to give an elegant look while others have neutral tones with tufted headboards and upholstered padding.

Sleigh beds add charm and grace to a room. They are more than just a bed. They are a signature piece of the bedroom furniture. There are a vast variety of sleigh beds depending upon different sizes, materials, fabric, shapes, and designs so that all the buyers can get the one that meets their requirements and preferences. Buying a sleigh bed for your bedroom will be a perfect decision, but there are some factors that need attention such as space available, cost, and design. A nicely designed and durable sleigh bed will become the focal point of your bedroom, so you should opt for it wisely and make sure you are getting the right bed or not. So, make your room even more beautiful with the classy sleigh beds.