Best Massage Chair Brands

You probably have to juggle between the office and grabbing a quick lunch or dinner, or work and your bed every waking week of the year. Many people wake up in the morning, head out to work and upon returning home they are too tired to do anything else save for hitting the sack. Your life doesn’t have to be this stressful. Consider buying yourself a zero gravity chair today and transform your life.

Zero gravity chairs are increasingly becoming the trend for many homeowners and offices. Many people from all over United States are finding the chair not only luxurious but also full of practical benefits. If you are among the many who spend endless hours in the office, you will agree that sitting for long can take a toll on your lower back. At times, you feel like standing up and taking a stroll around the block if not in the office because of the pressure on your back and buttocks. You can easily lessen this pressure with a zero gravity chair.

A zero gravity chair is the optimal solution for people looking for a luxurious yet affordable way to relax. This chair, which reclines way more than conventional recliners, got its design from the NASA space seats. NASA space rockets have seats which make an astronaut appear as though they are lying on a surface. The reason to having such a design is to give the astronaut undisrupted visibility but more importantly to remove all gravitational
pressure from their body.

The zero gravity chairs are simply recliner chairs but with a higher reclining ability. It is the extra reclining degree that the chair follows that makes all the difference. While there are those chairs that will recline all the way to 180 degrees, a majority of these chairs will do at least 135 degrees. Most of these seats come with an additional list of benefits which make the zero gravity effect all the more terrific. The chair is designed such that even when it reaches 180 degrees, you are still comfortable and you can’t topple.

There are basically two types of zero gravity chairs in the US market today. There are those which are exotic and whose price tags will be anything between $1,500 and $3,000. This category of chairs comes with all the cozy features that you can think of. Most are upholstered with leather and they can massage your back, neck, arms and even your legs. You can adjust the reclining angle any way you want.

The other types of zero gravity chairs in the market are quite basic. With these chairs, you don’t have a lot of freedom to manipulate the reclining angle but you sure will enjoy a mimicked astronaut posture. Every relaxed position that you have been yearning for the whole week will be delivered by this simple chair. They normally have the front and the hind legs slanting by around 45 degrees. The back is preset at about 135 degrees. There are also portable zero gravity chairs in this category. These can be folded easily and you can easily set them up in your patio, garden or take them to your picnic site. The cost of these chairs will rarely go beyond $80. They are ideal if you have limited space or if you have a tight budget and still want to have relaxed evenings.

Factors to consider when buying a zero gravity chair
Does the chair come with armrests – A reclining chair definitely wouldn’t be comfortable if without armrests especially when you are seated 135 degrees to the ground. However, there are people who aren’t keen about armrests so this doesn’t bother them much.

Is the seat adjustable – Many of the exotic expensive zero gravity chairs in US stores can be adjusted. You can adjust the seat so that it can be a normal chair or a recliner. You can also adjust it to go all the way to 180 degrees. There are other zero gravity chairs that are designed to remain as they were made –reclining.

Space available – If you have no problem with space in your patio, lounge or garden, a zero gravity chair that takes up a lot of space will be no biggie. However, if your patio is small, you probably need to look for a chair that will take as little space as possible.

The price – Some of the chairs in this category require that you plan well in advance while there are those which will just dent your wallet by a couple of tens of dollars. Of course, the pricier a zero gravity chair is, the more comfy and luxurious it is.

The extras – A zero gravity chair is designed to offer you comfort. Unlike any other ordinary chair, you are assured of enjoying a zero gravity position when you are in this seat. While this is basic, many manufacturers include extra features such as cup holders, leg rests, head rests, massage features, heating technology and so on.

Materials used to make the chair – The stronger the materials used to make a chair, the better service it is bound to offer you. Many of the chairs have a steel frame to ensure that you are safe and also to make it last for years. As for the upholstery, you should buy a chair that complements your living style. There are many upholstery materials used to make these recliner chairs such as leather and polyester.

More people today are becoming health conscious not only on the dining table but also on the way they are sleeping, walking and sitting. Health professionals have in recent years emphasized the need for people to live well balanced lives. A well balanced life will require that you take care of your diet, muscle, spine and a whole lot of things. Below are some of the top benefits that you stand to enjoy when you start using any one of the zero gravity chairs sold by reliable furniture dealers across the USA.

Benefits of using a zero gravity chair
The seat increases the relaxation of the back and neck. When you sit upright, you will notice that all the weight of your head and the rest of the upper body rests on your lower back. If you stay like this for a long time, you will start to get tired and stressed. When you sit in your zero gravity chair, you get to put your body in a naturally relaxing state. All the pressure on your lower back will drown away and leave you with a relaxed back and neck.

Increased circulation of blood and other body fluids – The heart works hard to ensure that blood reaches every cell in your body. While it is justifiable to argue that the heart is designed to do exactly that, scientists agree that pumping blood down and up your legs is no mean task for the heart. Once in a while it is good to lie in your zero gravity chair and let the heart pump blood at a horizontal position. Lying down in this manner also means that oxygen gets to mix well with blood.

Reduction of pressure from the lower spine – When you are seated upright, your vertebrae have to hold the weight of your whole upper body. Even when you are walking or standing, it is the vertebrae that have to carry the weight of your body. This pressure gets transferred to the spine which is enclosed in the vertebrae. In order to relieve this pressure from this critical body part, use this recliner chair and discover how relaxing it is.

Better functioning lungs – Hardly do people breathe as they are supposed to. This is caused mainly because of their sitting postures or the type of jobs they do. The zero gravity chairs sold in the furniture stores are ideal at ensuring that your lungs get a relief. When you lie in this chair, the lungs expand to the maximum position and this means that you will take deep breaths of fresh air, ideally in the outdoor. More oxygen in the body means better blood flow and less stress for the body and mind.

Relaxing muscles – Many people, because of their lifestyle, find themselves always stressed and their bodies taut. Sometimes all you need to reduce the stress and life’s pressure is to lie down and relax. Some of the stress and sadness experienced today is caused by tired muscles. Buy yourself a zero gravity chair even if it’s a cheap one and discover the new way to relax both your muscles and brain.

Many people come to love the zero gravity chair as soon as they have a session in it. The level of relaxation experienced while in this chair is simply unparalleled. Many companies are picking up the trend by investing in these chairs because they also double as massage chairs. Many people are opting to invest a good amount of money in this chair because of the massage feature. Rather than visiting a massage parlor every weekend, invest in this chair and enjoy a thrilling massage every day.