Relaxing & Therapeutic Massage With Inada Nest

Inada Nest

Inada Nest makes owning a home massage chair rewarding in every sense. The chair bears Inada’s groundbreaking technology and expert craftsmanship. It’s a massage chair that is fine tuned to make every session relaxing and therapeutic. It doesn’t matter whether you go for one of the chair’ automatic massage programs or manually create one. The chair delivers the same high level of comfort and rejuvenation you would expect from a brand of Inada’s standing. A lot of research has gone into creating the Nest. As one of Inada’s four flagship massage chairs, the Nest was specifically designed to cater for the needs of people of all heights and weights.

The Inada Nest uses innovatively engineered rollers with a bumpy surface to increase the impact of their movement along your body. It’s a clever engineering trick that gracefully hits all the pressure points so that every part of your body benefits from the rollers’ healing touch. A good massage chair should be able to alter the strokes both in depth and length. The Nest does this perfectly with the help of Inada’s body scanning technology, a cutting edge innovation that quickly scans the entire body and repositions the rollers to match your body type. You can alter the stroke width and length at the controls if you would want a wider reach or wish to narrow the reach of the rollers to a smaller area of your body. Scanning the body also allows the system to determine where your body’s pressure points are located and, therefore, apply more pressure on these areas when performing the massage. The head rest is designed to adjust to your height and position on the chair such that it adjusts to cup your head for a snug fit.

Choose from 11 preset massage programs. These come in handy when you can only spare a few minutes for a massage before rushing out for your meeting. They are also apt for when you just want the luxury of a massage without having to fiddle with the settings and customize one. Otherwise there are also 16 manual massage programs which are all yours to explore. The manual setting allows you to combine as many massage techniques as you like and you can play around with different movements for a feel of the different sensations each provides. Pick or create a program that targets the whole body or go for a partial massage if you only want the therapy to be focused on a particular spot in the body. There are massage mechanism that target the upper body, neck, hands and arm, and the legs.

The remote control is easy to use and fast responding. The buttons and settings are easy to maneuver to ensure that you don’t spend too much time figuring out how to adjust various setting when you could be enjoying your massage. Once done, tuck the remote into the pocket that’s strategically located on the side of the chair and lean back to soak in the goodness of your home massage.

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