The Amazing Garden Mirrors

garden mirrors

If you’re garden seems a bit gloomy and dull with all the overhanging branches which block out the sunlight, then it’s time to brighten up your outer space with a couple of decent garden mirrors. Garden mirrors portray the illusion of a secret garden with their ability to create depth and space. They are also a great source of bouncing sunlight into the otherwise dark corners of a garden which is an excellent way of generating virtual extensions in small garden spaces. Apart from all the advantages they impart garden mirrors are essentially nothing but an attractive decorative feature. Garden mirrors have been gaining a huge amount of popularity off late and they look extremely attractive especially in small courtyard gardens on roof terraces and balconies.

Although mirrors have been made from glass for over a thousand years now, nowadays manufacturing techniques have been refined to provide almost perfect reflections. You even have an option of choosing modern acrylic mirrors which is a significant alternative for outdoors. Acrylic garden mirrors are created from a material that is considerably 10 times stronger than glass and lightweight too, which makes it easy for installation. They can also be cut with a knife to your desired size and space. But even though glass garden mirrors are on the heavier side, they are much more resistant to scrapes and scratches, which leave you with a crystal reflection for a longer period of time. It can also be polished on a regular basis to make it constantly shiny.

There are a huge variety of garden mirrors available in the markets; let’s take a look at some of them here. Prim Rose offers an assortment of garden mirrors, be it a Gothic centrepiece or a subtle sheet mirror, a natural shabby chic mirror or even a trellis mirror which allows you to grow plants around it, they possess a wide collection of them. Most of their mirrors have been designed to look like windows so they merge into the walls. Their illusion mirrors are one-of-a-kind wherein flat objects appear in a 3D form. At Displays UK, garden mirrors are available as both plain mirror sheets and in decorative form. They also provide a wide range of mirrors for gifting purposes. The Internet Gardener Ltd., also believe that they have a wide range of styles in garden mirrors that can practically change the view of a garden. Their open window outdoor mirrors provides a great perspective of depth and illusion making it seem like another room altogether. At Garden Mirrors you can find an exclusive mirror called the Alibond Mirror which is unbreakable! Their standard garden mirrors are made from acrylic sheets which they also believe to be a huge success among garden designers who enjoy working with these exquisite materials giving them the liberty to create a sense of drama in their design. Cox & Cox, Green Fingers, EBAY, Tesco and Amazon are few of the other places where you can also find decent garden mirrors.

But do remember to never place your garden mirror in direct sunlight, because although their main objective is to add a new dimension it can also cause a fire accident.

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