Features of Inada DreamWave

Inada Dreamwave

The Inada DreamWave is an incredibly successful massage chair for the Inada family. Modeled after the older generation, award-winning Sogno DreamWave, it features far superior technology and multiple enhanced features, qualities that place it in a category of its own. Sitting on the DreamWave invokes a heavenly feeling not comparable to anything you’ve experienced before. Losing yourself in this chair is the best reward you can give yourself after a hard day at work. Inada uses infra red body scanning technology to analyze the body and identify pressure points. The result is a personalized massage that caters to your specific body size and needs.

The DreamWave is built to provide full body massage, which it does aided by an undulating figure-8 motion. This technology balances the body and boosts the feeling of relaxation. It’s a chair that comes with 16 preset massage programs. This is far above what many massage chairs in the market offer, and you’ll enjoy all the different sensations these programs give. To complement these auto programs, 18 additional manual massage modes are enabled. That gives you a total of 34 different massage routines to enjoy at will. Use the available massage modes and techniques to come up with unique massage combinations that you can try on different occasions.

Adjust the pressure and intensity of the massage using the controls. Inada has included a Deep Relaxation setting which intensifies any of the automatic preset massage programs. All you have to do is press the deep relaxation button after choosing your massage and then sit back and enjoy the vigorous pressure the rollers apply on your back, neck and other target areas. The chair has mechanisms to deliver targeted massages for the upper body, middle area and lower body. The full upper body massage system works on the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. The mid-body massage mechanism works the buttocks, hips and thigh region while lower body massage targets the calf, foot and underfoot region.

To deliver its soothing and relaxing massages, the Inada DreamWave uses a combination of technologies. Most notable of these are a high-tech roller mechanism which delivers strokes personalized for each user and heat therapy for the lower back and seat area. Combined, the two turn even the most knotted tissue and muscle into flexible, health components. These mechanisms work by loosening tight muscles, expanding the cells so blood can freely flow into them for speedy healing, and stretching muscle for optimal relaxation.

The Inada DreamWave supports up to 240 lbs in weight. A lot of people will be comfortable using this massage chair. And given that the chair covers the largest surface area out of all massage chairs at 1200 square inches, you can be sure that enjoying a massage in it will be a real treat regardless of your body size. Inada offers a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty which is one of the most comprehensive and lengthy in the industry. Under the warranty, Inada offers to replace or repair your DreamWave should it become faulty during the warranty period.

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