Full Length Mirror as Jewelry Armoire

Full Length Mirror Armoire

When you don’t have much space in the bedroom, you want to choose fewer pieces of furniture and stick to the necessities only. Luxury pieces and accents become something you only covet. With a little planning, though, you can infuse a touch of luxury even when there isn’t much space to talk about. This would mean choosing furniture that is as decorative as it is functional. A good example is a full length mirror which doubles up as a jewelry armoire. Stylish, trendy and uber modern, the full length jewelry armoire can become the focal point of the bedroom, such that you don’t need an extra flamboyant bed or dresser to make the room look fashionable.

The jewelry armoire full length mirror can replace your dressing mirror, which minimizes demand on space. By omitting a dresser and choosing a mirror jewelry armoire, therefore, you can have a bigger bed or wardrobe. Alternatively, you can keep the bed and wardrobe medium in size and enjoy having more free space to move about the room. You can keep your everyday grooming products inside the jewelry armoire for easy retrieval when using the mirror. Or place the armoire next to the wardrobe and use the wardrobe to place your personal effects. Alternatively, move the armoire next to the bedside table where you can place any personal care products you need to use when grooming. Such high portability is one of the most attractive characteristics of the full length mirror jewelry armoire.

A full length mirror in the bedroom or bathroom provides ample reflection for full body viewing. When affixed to a jewelry armoire, the mirror can be titled at different angles to provide a range of viewing angles. Simply turn the mirror to give the viewing angle you desire, and then push it back to an upright position when you’re done. Some people like to leave the mirror at an angled position, and this is fine too if you like how the mirror looks when titled. You won’t require a base for your full length mirror armoire as it comes complete with supporting legs/base.  The legs can be elaborately curved to enhance the mirror’s attractiveness. In designs where the mirror is ornately carved, the design of the base is usually kept simple to tone down the decorative aspect and keep the armoire from looking overly done.

The frames of full length mirrors with jewelry armoires are made from various materials, the most common of these being metal and wood. Engineered woods of different types are used widely, with these providing a more affordable alternative to real wood. Detailing and numerous kinds of trim are used to further beautify the frame and consciously define the borders of the frame. These armoires are highly durable and can last decades without wear. Wipe the mirror and frame regularly to keep the unit looking new at all times.

A jewelry armoire with a full length mirror is a useful addition to your bedroom, one that allows you to safely store your jewelry and use the mirror for full body viewing when getting ready for the day.

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