Extending Dining Tables For More Guests

extending dining table

Dining tables are usually the most comforting part of your home because this is the place where the entire family comes together to share a meal and converse about their days happenings. It’s a zone for the entire clan to just sit down, eat, drink and be merry! Hence, always keep your options open when you decide to invest on something so important. The markets have a wide range of dining tables which include traditional wooden dining tables, glass dining tables, or even plastic ones. But if the need arises for you to play a dutiful host and accommodate additional guests then it would be advisable to invest on a beautiful extended dining table. These tables are an ideal solution for those living in a small space but who love to organize large gatherings. Unlike those majestic large dining tables the extending dining tables do not occupy the entire area of your dining room and allows one to expand the table as and when the need arises.

Aesthetically it creates a more pleasant living space and can be stored away easily. The excellent thing about an extending dining table is that you are not restricted to one particular model. There are tons of various styles of extending dining tables in the markets. Always look out for the table that is the most easy to operate making it easy to manoeuvre when guests come in. The extension is known as leaf or leaves which should have a very good locking mechanism and appear seamless when extended so that it creates a smooth surface. There are different types of extending dining tables, some are round, some rectangular/square and some with a drop leaf function. The drop leaf table is perfect for those who live in small apartment spaces or studio rooms, these tables have a piece of the top surface that hangs down when not in use and can be popped up anytime you need. One of the most common types of extending tables is the rectangular extension where the table has to be extended by pulling it apart revealing the additional leaf. Although some rectangular extending tables do not have the extra leaf attached but rather a separate removable piece.

Here are a few places where you can get some of the best extending dining tables in UK. Wayfair has tables in wood, glass, metal and plastic be it round, square, rectangular or oval you can be assured you will not leave their store empty-handed. With their extensive advanced search option you can optimize the listings to view exactly what you are looking for on their website. Furniture Village too has a variety of beautiful extending dining tables that have modern twists on classic designs, drop leaf designs, French inspired designs and simple classic styles. At Furniture Choice you will find extending dining tables that are versatile and practical. You can also choose from their matching leather dining chairs and solid oak dining chairs to match your table. Smart Furniture, Pottery Barn, IKEA, Argos, Harvey’s Furniture, Made, Next and John Lewis are a few more places to shop for your extending dining tables.

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