Do I Need Hot Tub Covers?

hot tub covers

Hot tub covers protect the little ones in the household from accidentally slipping into the hot tub unsupervised and risk drowning. But that’s not all they are designed to do. They also help in heat retention, so that your hot tub water stays warmer for longer. A hot tub cover is also the surest way to keep dirt and other unwanted debris from falling into the hot tub and accumulating there. Most of the hot tub covers you’ll find at the leading stores are made from marine grade vinyl, even though a growing number of sunbrella and canvas covers can also be found. While the vinyl or canvas is the outer covering of the cover, it cannot insulate the hot tub on its own. To give hot tub covers their insulation properties, manufacturers use styrofoam, which forms the core of the cover. The form is wrapped in heat-sealed clear plastic, which keeps the foam from absorbing water.

Modern hot tub covers come in a raised/tapered design, which prevents rainwater and snow from puddling on the cover when the hot tub is used outside. Some of the things to consider when choosing a cover for your hot tub are the foam density, which indicates the cover’s absorbency level; and the R-value, which is a measure of the cover’s insulation. The covers come with hinges and reinforcements for extra strength, and cover lifters to make opening the cover easy. Measure the diameter of your hot tub before going to the store to ensure that you buy the right size of hot tub cover.

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