Romantic Patio Lanterns

patio lanterns

Lanterns have been part of the lighting evolution right from the early days and their impact and popularity do not seem to wane. Make lanterns part of your outdoor lifestyle with patio lanterns, which you can hang round your patio or in specific parts of the patio only. Modern patio lanterns come in a wide range of designs and shapes, and can be matched to any patio decor. From patio lanterns that give a bright glow to colored and multi-colored patio lantern sets, you can light up your patio in any number of colors, creating a magnificent ambience. Lights and lighting accessory stores carry a broad range of patio lanterns that are worth looking at; begin your search for the perfect lanterns for your patio here.

You can hang each lantern singly in different parts of the patio. You can also join your chosen lanterns on a rope for a stunning string lights effect. Smaller lanterns will bring out this string effect better so be sure to pick them in small sizes if you’re planning to try this lighting strategy. While the individual illumination of these miniature lights is minimal, combined, they give out a splendid array of light and color if a multicolored set is used. Bigger patio lanterns can be hang from the wall for efficient, focused illumination. You can also use lanterns to line up the stairs or walkway leading to the patio. Solar patio lanterns are just as effective as electricity and light bulb lanterns.

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