Fitted, Free Standing or Walk In Wardrobes


Sufficient storage space is one of the pointers to a functional bedroom. Not only does it provide enough room to store bedroom basics, it also promotes a neat look in the bedroom. It is hard for the bedroom to look organized when piles of clothes can be seen in different spots around the room, or if at best, they are stuffed into bags which are then kept in an obvious place in the room. A well chosen wardrobe also adds to the decor of the bedroom, especially when the design, size and colour is chosen to complement other bedroom furniture and accents in the room. The types of wardrobes availed are numerous and are carefully designed and built to appeal to even the most discerning of customers.

The most common types are the fitted wardrobes, free standing wardrobes, walk in wardrobes, and armoires. Fitted wardrobes are a good choice if you have no plans of replacing the wardrobe for as long as you remain in that house. They also have the advantage of giving you control over the dimensions of the wardrobe -width, depth, height, interior storage configurations, and materials to use in making the wardrobe. Free standing wardrobes are a good option when you have the space and desire something portable which you can take with you when you change houses. Walk in wardrobes are the ultimate storage luxury of all wardrobes. They offer massive freedom in the storage of clothes, the only down side being that they work best in bedrooms with plenty of space.

Your wardrobe can be open or closed, depending on the look you prefer. Open wardrobes, as the name suggests, are meant to stay unclosed so that your clothes are on display. Closed wardrobes are the opposed and lock everything inside so that no one can see what the wardrobe houses unless they open the wardrobe doors. One of the decorative aspects of the wardrobe have to do with its doors and handles/knobs. If the basic decor outline in the bedroom is contemporary, plain or sliding doors that blend with the rest of the wardrobe are appropriate. If you want the features of your wardrobe to act as bedroom accents, choose doors and drawers with ornate knobs and other decorative features. Metal, chrome and glass are great options for nailing the look.

Don’t be so focused on the style part of the wardrobe that you overlook it’s primary function, which is storage. Before choosing any wardrobe, confirm that it is spacious enough to meet your storage needs. Part of what to look for includes the interior space of the wardrobe, number and size of drawers, and availability of more storage space like rails, shelves, and hooks.

Wardrobes are an integral part of any bedroom furniture set and should be budgeted for when making plans to furnish the bedroom. There are many custom made and ready made wardrobe options are available, stylish, sturdy, and spacious enough to meet your storage needs.

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